I would like to welcome you to the Davis Clinic. The Davis Clinic is a private health clinic with a long history in Indianapolis. Over the years we have grown to offer diversity in health care options, with focus in psychiatry, naturopathic medicine, and the conduct of clinical research trials exploring the safety and effectiveness of new pharmaceutical compounds. No matter what your interest, or your reason for seeking care within the Davis Clinic, we feel confident that you will appreciate the care and attention of our experienced clinicians and research staff.

It is the mission of the Davis Clinic to provide the highest level of patient centered clinical care that will best support the health and wellbeing of each individual under our care. We have a highly skilled team of clinicians that will work collaboratively with you to achieve your personal health goals, and will do so through providing a broad spectrum of approaches found in both traditional medicine, and the holistic model of naturopathic medicine. Over the years, the Davis Clinic has elected to disconnect from the mandates of the traditional health insurance reimbursement model, instead offering a fee for service care model. A fee for service model offers us the ability to provide quick response when you are in need, and greater depth and time in clinical care.

The Davis Clinic firmly believes in the continued efforts in conducting clinical research trials, to further provide scientific evidence that will support or reject new investigational compounds as they are directed to the marketplace. It is in the best interests for the safety of the American public, and as such we are pleased to function as a clinical research site to substantiate medicine through scientific methodology.

It is my pleasure to invite you to a center that appreciates the need for greater quality care in medicine, and the advancement of clinical science. Welcome to the Davis Clinic!

Dr. Aaron Davis

Naturopathic Physician
President, The Davis Clinic